Natural Skin Care Acne Scar Treatments

acne scar treatmentThere are a variety of nutritional supplements that will help to decrease the inflammation and infection associated with acne. At the same time, these supplements can help supply additional nourishment for your skin.

If you’re fearful of the side effects of prescription drugs or even if the medications you’re currently taking aren’t working well for you, you can combat acne is through natural measures: nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

To help keep your acne under control, consider increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fat possesses remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to maintain healthy cell membranes and aids in the transportation of nutrients throughout your body. You can take fish oil capsules daily. Most natural health experts recommend 1,500 mg a day. Or you can take one tablespoon of cod liver oil with one of your daily meals

If you suffer from acne, you may also want to investigate the use of some herbs. One of the best choices if you have acne is chickweed. You can drink this as a tea. Regular use of chickweed, according to professional herbalists, will not only soothe your skin, but help it to heal at the same time. You can also take this tea and use it as a facial rinse. You’ll be surprised at how well this works.

Believe it or not, basil is considered a phenomenal herb for the improvement of a stubborn case of acne. In fact, in certain parts of the orient, this plant is nearly worshipped for as the purest and most sublime plant in all of creation. Legend says that the basil plant is so pure that if you take a mud plant in the dirt this herb was grown in, all of your skin problems will disappear.

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    Cod liver oil for acne problems? Wow, I am pleasantly surprised! I have been taking cod liver oil for the past months because I found it really healthy and nourishing, an it has helped me heal my cavities naturally. I didn’t know it is also a natural remedy for acne. The more I think about it, it isn’t really so surprising, because cod liver is super enriched with essential nutrients that enhances the body’s natural healing processes. A simple remedy for acne that I do know of is virgin coconut oil. It is super great for skin problems, especially acne.

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