Natural Skin Care

Skin Care Regimen

Natural Skin Care Regimen

I’m reevaluating my skin care regimen. It’s a good idea to do this from time to time. It’s amazing how a product that gave you amazing results one year doesn’t the next. It’s not that the product … [Read More...]

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teabag on eyes

Homemade Eye Cream

The cosmetic industry makes a fortune off the desire women (and men) to look young. Consumers of skin care products are looking for a fountain of youth, but could homemade eye cream work just as well? Because of the high consumer demand, anti-aging products can be quite expensive. You need to be a savvy shopper because […]

Anti Aging Supplments

Anti-Aging Supplements

If you want to slow down or even reverse the aging process then something you can do is to create a daily routine of supplements to take. Once you have worked out what you need or want to take then all you have to do is keep adequate stock levels at home and remember to […]

Close Shave

Secrets to a Super Smooth Shave

No matter how many commercials you see or how many products you try, a super smooth shave is really a matter of trial and error. You may need to try several different products and as many different shaving creams and aftershaves until you find the combination that works for you. However, a few tried and […]

How a Man’s Skin Differs from a Woman’s Skin

How a Man’s Skin Differs from a Woman’s Skin

When it comes to the cosmetic industry, women’s cosmetics are over and above in terms of abundance and supply. There is no shortage of products when it comes to any type of cosmetic issue that a woman needs to correct. Things have greatly improved for men in this area. Nowadays, the biggest problem may be confusion […]

Queen of Hungary Water

Queen of Hungary Water

There are numerous stories about the origins of Queen of Hungary Water, but the one I prefer is that it was made for Elisabeth by the gypsies in the 14th century. It has been touted as a cure-all for many ailments, and its uses include mouthwash, aftershave, and a hair rinse among many other things. […]

Herbal Salves and Ointments

Herbal Salves and Ointments

When most people think of using herbal remedies, they think in terms of swallowing supplement pills. And while this is a very common way to use herbs for various reasons, there is another lesser known use for them too. Herbs can be used to create topical salves, ointments, and packs which are applied to the […]