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Couple's Massage

Intoxicating Couples Massage

My ex tried to massage me once. He pinched me so hard I got a muscle spasm. That painful flashback memory inspired this post. Lots of spas offer couples massage nowadays; however, if you prefer to … [Read More...]

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fruit facial

Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams

Where wrinkles are concerned, the best solution is to prevent them rather than to try and get rid of them once you have them. Many skin care companies push collagen as a wrinkle cream, but the collagen molecule is too large to absorb. The upper layer of the skin rejects it, and it therefore cannot […]

facial herbs

Herbs That Promote Youthful Skin

What’s better than natural skin care products? Natural skin care products with herbs of course. Herbs have many uses when it comes to preventing aging, and there are herbs you can use to reduce physical as well as mental decline. Here are some of the most popular antiaging herbs that can help you stay young.


Virtues of Rosemary

I just don’t run my mouth about natural skin care on the blog. I do it at work too. I got into this conversation with a co-worker about herbs. I was lamenting the fact that I don’t have space for a proper garden. She said that Rosemary was about to take over her garden. So […]

Herbs for Natural Skin Care

Herbs for Natural Skin Care

Herbs are very important to natural skin care because they are so verstile. Taken as supplements they are valuable for their nutritional content. Herbs can also be infused into cosmetics and natural skin care products such as facial masks, soaps, shampoos, and serums. Herbs can also be used in diffusers and inhaled. You’re only limited by […]

natural acne remedy

Natural Acne Remedies

If you’re in the midst of a major event, don’t be surprised if you get an acne breakout due to stress. Many people consider acne to be a rite of passage, something every teenager must go through and deal with. But if you’re a teen or adult with severe or even moderate acne, you probably […]

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Facial Washes For Acne

Many times, acne products are so harsh they will strip the skin of natural oils and cause sensitivity and irritation. Some individuals even find that they break out in a rash because of these products. There are, however, plenty you can create from the ordinary ingredients already found in your kitchen. If you’re looking for […]