The Marigold Connection

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Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet

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Dark Under Eye Circles

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100 Natural Skin Care Brands

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Natural Skin Care For Your Hair


Why should you use an organic shampoo? The same reasons you use other natural skin care products. I think it’s even more critical to choose a natural shampoo because the soap runs down your face and into your eyes.

Dry Brushing For Natural Skin Health

dry brushing

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It’s a centuries old practice of massaging and exfoliating the skin to improve its health and appearance. Your largest organ regenerates itself by eliminating toxic and dead skin cells. Your skin can eliminate as much as two pounds of this waste material each day.

Hydrosols: Flower Power


Aromatherapy is a tree with many branches — hydrosols being one of them. The term hydrosol is a combination of hydro (water) and sol (solution) — a natural water solution. When essential oils are distilled from plants, hydrosols are the byproduct of the process. Hydrosols cannot be manufactured synthetically.

Hydrosol and Natural Skin Care


So I’m still investigating hydrosols. I’ve always known about the power of herbs, but I never knew flowers had healing properties as well. I’m really amazed at the practical and medicinal uses for flowers. They’re not just ornamental.